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Click on the button below to either view (or right click & 'save as' to download) a pdf sheet outlining the way in which modern day drum set is notated on the stave.

Drum Kit Notation
Unfortunately we are still in a situation whereby there is no consistency across the world of drumming so you will encounter some variations. However this is the system which makes the most sense to me and so any of the worksheets that I provide throughout the site will use this system.

This area of the site is where I will be posting both demonstration video files and pdf worksheets to accompany the video. I have sectioned them as to the loose categories above.

Please bare in mind that this site is primarily aimed at students of a younger age so when I use the term "advanced" don't be expecting any Thomas Lang stuff here!

Click on the buttons below to print or download a variety of manuscript pages
Manuscript This manuscript sheet has 8 systems down the page and no bar lines across.
Manuscript_2 This manuscript sheet has 9 systems down the page and two bar lines across.
Manuscript_4 This manuscript sheet has 9 systems down the page and four bar lines across.


If you are serious about learning to play any instrument but especially drum kit. It is essential that you can play in time.
Right click the image above and 'save target as' to download this very small program which you can run on your computer desktop.

Click Here for a good online Metronome.