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Down this Column I've given some links to video footage of some of the most widely respected performers of the drumming world   Down this Column I've given links to some useful web sites to checkout concerning drums & percussion
Thomas Lang
Here's a clip of Thomas being minimalist for the first minute or so but then lets loose with his full armory!!
  Newcastle drum centre The Newcastle Drum Centre located at 11 & 12 Akenside Hill Newcastle NE1 3XP.
Dennis Chambers Here's a clip of Dennis Chambers Soloing at a clinic.   The Drum Shop - Gateshead The Drum Shop is located in washington. Unit 11, Industrial Rd, Washington NE37 2SF
Omar Hakim Omar Hakim at his best playing with the Buddy Rich Big Band circa 1987 This site is a fantastic resource for finding out who is who in the world of drums & percussion. Including lots of video & audio clips of performances from the greats.
Steve Gadd Here's a clip of Steve Gadd playing with the Buddy Rich Big Band showing how to "swing a band"   Vic This link is to the Vic Firth homepage. Loads of valuable drumming educational material here & free lessons in all areas of percussion. This site is worth exploring in depth!
Steve Gadd Vinnie Colaiuta Dave Weckle Here's a rare opportunity to see three of the most influential drummers of our time playing together on stage
Steve Gadd, Vinnie Coliauta and Dave Weckl
  Online reading  lessons  with accompanying tracks A great series of online lessons to help develop your reading skills. With play along tracks to accompany them. Great Fun!
Tony Royster Junior This is an incredible solo from Tony Royster Junior when he was a mere 12 years old! Bet he has never seen a play station!   WebRhythms by Norm Wienberg This is a very comprehensive series of lessons dealing with all aspects of reading rhythm. Also midi track examples of the exercises played correctly at a variety of tempos.
steve smith This is a great clip of Steve Smith doing an improvisation utilising groupings of five. For all of you E- Drummers, this forum is a great source of information on all things electrical drumming but with emphasis on Roland Vdrums
Mike Mangini Great solo by Mike Mangini during a Steve Vai show - lots of poly rhythm stuff going on here.   This link is to a section on the Vic Firth Site which sets out all of the 40 essential rudiments. It includes a breakdown and accompanying video demonstration of each individual rudiment.
Virgil Donatti Virgil Donatti live in Stockholme. This guy has phenomenal foot speed using double strokes.   Groove Essentials -Tommy Igoe This is a good source of video examples to accompany the grooves which are written out - I would recomend this book to any aspiring drummer, it includes excellent quality play along tracks in a huge variety of styles.
Air Drummer This is quite a funny video from someones school show in the States   house of drumming This is a great site for keeping a brest of things going on in the world of drumming. Also great for video clips and audio files especially if you are a Vinnie' or Weckle' fan.
Jacob Armen age 7 This is incredible drumming from seven years old Jacob Armen. Leadiing the Ed Shaughnessy Big Band live on television